Explore. Have fun. Live colorfully. Be authentic.

You’re curious about the world, would love to live life with a little more spark, but life, work and family commitments don’t always cooperate.

Sound familiar?

I  can totally relate because I know what it’s like to let what you were once passionate about slip away because that was me a couple of years ago.

Today I am living my dream as an entrepreneur and jewelry designer of Stone and Metal Jewelry, but back then I was putting my career and commitments ahead of myself and letting everything else fall by the wayside and I didn’t feel like me anymore.  I was stuck in a habitual rut and it was time to make a life altering change to rediscover myself.

I started my jewelry business because I wanted to live life on my terms with more freedom and flexibility, to design a more meaningful experience filled life, and to have time to devote to other interests and creative pursuits.

My jewelry business has helped re-establish my can do anything attitude and it has given me the impetus to be brave and try new things. I’ve dusted off a corner of my mind that was dormant to discover another side of me that loves color, shapes, artistry, design, and individual creativity.

I live in Texas now, but I grew up in Frankfort, Michigan, a small, quaint town on the coast of Lake Michigan. It’s a beautiful place with crystal blue lakes, miles of sandy beaches, spectacular bluffs, gorgeous terrain and the nature-filled area has always inspired me. No other area has captured my senses like that.  This is where my interest in jewelry began. I was in junior high and we had a small, local shop that sold a few beads and findings and I purchased the materials to make macrame bracelets and beaded earrings.  I loved making jewelry, but school, work and other activities eventually took precedence so I packed up and put away my supplies. For sentimental reasons, I held on to my few tools and beads. I re-established my excitement and joy for making jewelry in 2008, and I have been making  stone and metal jewelry with a rustic modern flair ever since.

I am passionate about designing and making jewelry and each piece reconnects me with the freedom, creativity, and curiosity I had when I was a young girl growing up in Northern Michigan.

I believe everyone is creative in their own way, but life’s demands may have pushed it aside, and as time goes by it becomes harder to recapture and regenerate.

My jewelry represents the women that have put family, work or other things first but have decided it’s now time to live life more purposefully, intentionally and creatively. My goal is for you to find the courage and push to reconnect with your talents and and what truly makes you you!

It’s never too late to open up your childlike wonder, color outside of the lines and rediscover yourself.

For more information on Stone and Metal Jewelry or custom designs please contact me.